Mt. Evans, Colorado 2000
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Who: Dwight, Jeff, Marty, and Rich.
What: A 09 day trip to Mt. Evans, Colorado (on Beaver Meadows Hiking Trail -- Elevation from 9,100 - 10,500 feet)
When: August 05 - 14, 2000

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Our Campsite at Beaver Meadows A cliff face on Mt. Evans
This photo is of our campsite at Beaver Meadows about 3.5 miles from the trail head at an elevation of about 10,600 feet.
The tent in the left foreground is mine, the one in the middle is Jeff's and that's Dwight's tent on the right (in the background).
This is a cliff on one of the several peaks that Mt. Evans has, I can't remember which peak this cliff is on, and even though you can't see it in this picture, there is a lake at the base of the cliff.
Dwight pumping water from a creek Waterfall near our camp site
This is Dwight, he caught me taking this picture while he was pumping water out of a creek for us... all of our water bottles were empty at the time. This is a creek with a waterfall that was near our camp site, we got our cooking and drinking water right here, the water temperature was VERY cold and quite refreshing after a full day of hiking.
Jeff fishing for trout Jeff napping in his hammock
This is Jeff, he is trout fishing at one of the many beaver ponds in Beaver Meadows. This was in an area that was burned in 1962. This is Jeff napping in his hammock after a hard day of fishing and hiking.
Incline above timberline a view toward the summit of Mt. Evans
This is a shot looking flat across toward the horizon... notice the steep angle of incline up the mountainside.
I was above the tree line here at an altitude of about 11,800 feet.
This is a long shot looking toward the summit (the area with the indentation left of middle) of Mt. Evans with a valley way down below.
Another view of the summit above series shot 1 zooming in on the summit
This is another view of the summit with a thunderstorm coming over from the other side of the mountain.
Luckily it fizzled out before it got to us and we didn't get rained on.
This is the 1st of 3 in a series of photos that zoom in on the summit. This picture was taken with a 28mm wide-angle lens.
The little white 'bump' that you will see on the left side of the indentation is a working observatory run by Colorado State University.
series shot 2 zooming in on the summit sieres shot 3 zooming in on the summit
This is the 2nd of the series. This was taken from the same spot, except with a 200mm lens.
Note that the observatory is becoming more clearly visible.
Here is the final shot in the series. This was also taken from the same spot, however, a 400mm lens was used this time.
Now you can see the observatory quite well. It is still about 3 miles away though.
left side view of a mountain lake center view of a mountain lake
These next 3 shots form a 'panoramic' view of one of the lakes that Dwight and Jeff fished at (while I was off hiking and exploring elsewhere). This is the middle shot of the lake. This lake was in a bowl shaped valley between two peaks on the mountain.
right side of the mountain lake Dwight and Jeff resting
Here is the right side of the valley. The scent of the pine and spruce trees was so prevalent.
For a forest area that was partly burned in 1962, it has recovered nicely.
This is a shot of Jeff (left) and Dwight (right) resting while we were on a long day hike.
I had my camera out and saw this photo opportunity, so I took it.

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