North Carolina Camp Out...
and South Carolina Beach bum trip...

Who: Dwight, Mitsi, Paul, and Rich.
What: A 10 day/9 night trip to the Great Smokey Mountains (Snowbird Mountain) (N.C.) and Myrtle Beach (S.C.).
When: (Right after the Queensryche: Hear in the Now Frontier concert in Dallas - at the StarPlex Ampitheatre) 16 August 1997 - 25 August 1997.
Why: We all badly needed that vacation time...
How Much: Roughly about $500.00 per person.

Well, here is a start...

Our Campsite This first picture is of our campsite which was on Snowbird Creek on Snowbird Mountain in the Great Smokey Mountains. The tent in the foreground was our sleeping tent, while the other one was for gear stowage. We also had two hammocks set up but they are camouflaged quite well in this picture.
This picture, while being not that great to see, is of Dwight, (on the left), Paul, (on the right) and myself (in the middle) "muggin'" for the camera. This picture was also taken on part of Snowbird Creek. Us beside Snowbird Creek
Windsurfin' in Myrtle Beach This picture was taken while we were in Myrtle Beach, SC while Dwight and Paul were taking windsurfing lessons. On the left is Robbie (the instructor), Dwight is in the middle and that's Paul on the right.
Well, that's it for now... I plan to get some other pictures on here (as soon as I get some pictures from Dwight and/or Paul) and add them into here as well.

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