Neff Mountain, Colorado
(Spring Break) 2008
March 15 - 23, 2008

Neff Mountain and the Neff Mountain Yurt are located near Cumbres Pass, CO. Cumbres Pass is 14 miles North of Chama, NM and 35 miles west of Antonito, CO and is located in the Rio Grande National Forest. This area has reliably excellent snow conditions, varied terrain, and spectacular scenery. The hike to the yurt is a beautiful 2.75 mile one winding through the woods to the open meadow area of the yurt. The trailhead to the yurt is at an altitude of 9,800 feet and the yurt is at an altitude of about 10,400 feet. The snow was roughly about 10 feet deep on the mountain.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "What the heck is a Yurt?" Well, to be honest, until a very short time ago, I had never heard of the word either. The Neff Mountain Yurt is 16' in diameter and can accommodate up to six persons. There are two bunk beds, each with two mattresses. Two additional mattresses may be placed on the floor for full occupancy.  The yurt rests on a raised platform with wooden floors. The walls, ceiling, and floors are insulated and airtight woodstoves with glass fronts have been installed to ensure a warm and comfortable shelter. Mattresses and pillows are provided for your sleeping comfort. The yurt comes equipped with propane cook stoves and lanterns (with gas provided), stainless steel pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glasses, knives, spices, Melitta filter cones and filters, toilet paper, paper towels, matches, and a selection of games. Water is obtained by snow melt in a large stainless steel pot on the woodstove. There is also an outhouse and the toilet seat hangs inside near the woodstove to keep it warm. Of course, there is plenty of dry, split firewood stacked for use in the wood burning stove. The yurt is a warm and cozy shelter for winter camping in the backcountry.

You can click on the individual pictures below to view a larger version of it.

This first picture is of the outside of the Neff Mtn. Yurt.
The outhouse is visible on the right side of the yurt itself.
The elevation here is about 10,440 feet.
This is one of the views looking out from the door (toward the South East) of the yurt toward the trail leading up to it.
This was the view that we had looking East toward Colorado State Highway 17
(way down in the valley below about 2 miles away), beautiful, isn't it?
This shot is of an open meadow area that we did some show boarding, sledding and snow tubing in.
Needless to say, the pristine snow didn't stay pristine for very long.
I was sitting in the yurt one afternoon with the door open for fresh air and just happened to notice the way our snow shoes were placed in the snow bank outside and decided to snap this picture.
Here we see another 'snowscape' and have you noticed that there are NO clouds in the sky?
Here we see Dwight trying out his new snow board, I was lucky enough to catch him catching a nice jump off of his home made snow ramp.
While I was watching (and photographing) Dwight on his snow board, his son, Devin was having fun with his sled on another part of the hill nearby. This is him catching some air on one of his trips down the hill.
I really got lucky on this shot of Dwight, he hit the ramp and went perpendicular to the ground, and if I remember right, he actually stuck the landing as well.
That is what happens when a father and son complete a snow boarding maneuver without falling!
Congrats go to both of them! Can we say, "High Five!"

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