Return of the Dove

In 1959 an interesting book by Margaret Storm was published about Nikola Tesla. Only 9,000 copies of this book were originally printed. This book became the subject of much ridicule and speculation, perhaps because of the spiritual intonations, but more likely because of the claims that Nikola Tesla was not from this planet. But, what is even more interesting is that, for some reason, nearly all of the original copies of this book disappeared from shelves, and this was purportedly the result of government intervention.

The government seized Tesla's papers immediately after his death. And to this day, even after the passage of the Freedom of Information Act, much of the material related to Tesla remains secret and in the hands of the government. Tesla claimed to have developed methods of protecting the entire country with a "force field", as well as having claimed an electrical "super weapon" and gravity defying flying machines (flying saucers?).

Just as mysterious, Margaret Storm, the author of Return of the Dove, disappeared. We have not even been able to find a record of her death. At the end of Return of the Dove, Margaret Storm stated that there would be a sequel, Flame of the Dove. This book to be was never published. All efforts to contact Margaret Storm over the past two decades have resulted in dead ends. Was this the result of government intervention? On this, and many other aspects of Margaret Storm and Nikola Tesla, we can only speculate.

One thing is for certain, and that is, that Nikola Tesla was genius and a great man. Without his inventions, we would not have radio, fluorescent lights, automobile ignitions, cable TV (he patented coaxial cable), the turbine engine, 60 cycle alternating current (AC), electrical motors, electrical generators, and many of the other things that we take for granted in our daily lives.

Nikola Tesla was called a Prodigal Genius by John O'Neill. Others thought him a wizard. Tesla was friends with Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, George Westinghouse, J.P. Morgan and many other well known people of his day. Tesla was not credited with the invention of the radio until after his death (Marconi is erroneously given credit in the textbooks for this accomplishment). His visionary accomplishments were too numerous for anyone to keep up with until long after his death.

To this day, researchers are trying to duplicate his work in many areas related to wireless transmission of power, high voltage high frequency effects, and other electrical phenomenon. It is also claimed that the HAARP project was conceptualized by Tesla decades ago.

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