Carnival Imagination

Selected Photos from the Mad Vacation of Chris Lynch

The beautiful Imagination. Our home at sea. Now if only my home had three lounges, a Vegas style showcase, and a disco.
Here we are about to embark on the Imagination.
Port of Miami.

I am the one in the white cap.
Here we are on the back Deck of the Imagination with the city of Miami behind us. Thank you kind stranger who took the picture.

From left to right:
Me (I know I am gorgeous)
Roommate Josh
Other Roommate Brandi
Friend Brad
Friend/Co-worker Rich
Friend Christina
This picture was taken in the Dynasty Lounge. It was where all the shows were held.

Cleopatra Positions everyone!
This is the entire gang in the Shangri La Lounge. We spent many of nights in here. OH wait it was every night. We tried to empty the bar but alas we failed. The lady nestled in between us is Nadina our wonderful Cocktail waitress. We love U Nadina!
This band played live in Shangri La almost every night. THEY ABSOLUTELY ROCK! The Dirt Poets are great!
These are the testicles that hung from the ceiling in Shangri La. Those are not my hands (*looks around guiltily*).
Madonna! Madonna! Vogue! Vogue! A wonderful tribute to the fabulous Madonna at Hard Rock Cafe, Grand Cayman.
Back in the Shangri La Lounge my friend Brad and I sing Karaoke to "The Bad Touch"...

Sweat Baby, Sweat Baby, Sex is a Texas Drought.. (and wow is it!).
Christina and I Dance in Shangri La..
Notice I did not say dance well.

Christina's Additions

Donations welcome

Everyone just hanging out on one of the *many* staircases.
Imagine that! Us! Drinking! At Shangri La!
By the end of this trip we bleed mixed drinks
Sake!?! No wonder Chris and Josh look plastered!
Scooby Doo eat your heart out! These kids do more than meddle >:-)
Another view of our ship from the shores of Grand Cayman.
Who let the dogs out?
Chrisitina's feet... A wonderful subject matter... :-)
The shirt speaks for itself.
Rich's ticket to (way too) Many Long Island Teas
Anyone who has had too much to drink smile!
Chris in the "ball"s room
Chris an Brandi???? Hope Josh is not watching.....
Christina, really burnt *ouch*
We all live in a ....
Christina's Room (with Josh and Brandi)..
not sure what is wrong with Chris....
Sexy Guy for Sale.
See Christina for details


Rich's Additions


cabin1.jpg (24266 bytes) The inside of our cabin.
That's Brad on the upper bunk and Chris on the lower.
This is Brandy, Josh, and Chris Poking at a small octopus trapped in a tidal pool on Grand Cayman Island cayman2.jpg (46677 bytes)
sunset.jpg (16979 bytes) Sunset on the Atlantic Ocean.
The ocean spray outside the Hard Rock Cafe on Grand Cayman Island. cayman3.jpg (32390 bytes)
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