This page is from different trips to Eagle's Roost camp
on the Cross Timbers Hiking Trail on Lake Texoma.

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Claudette (my boss's wife) and I on Cross Timbers Trail This is Claudette (my boss's wife) and I walking along the Cross Timbers hiking trail on Lake Texoma.
Claudette's husband, James, took this picture. She's waiting for me to get caught up to her.
This is another shot of us walking along the trail; this time, I am wondering where her backpack is... James also took this picture. Claudette and I on another part of the trail
Cross Timbers Trail Map This is a map of the full trail. We usually hike from Cedar Bayou Marina to Eagle's Roost camp. The distance is about 4.5 miles.
There are flat lands and hilly areas along this part of the trail. Local Boy Scout troops use this trail in preparation for Philmont and some mountain bike riders use the trail on the more 'mountainous' areas of the trail.

For a color image and more in-depth information about the trail ... click here.
This is Claudette (left), Dwight (center), and I (right) standing and talking near our camp fire after we got our camp site set up.  James took this one too. Claudette, Dwight and I after we got our camp fire going.
Claudette and I talking around the fire Here's Claudette and I talking (while staying warm) near the fire.
I think James or Dwight went off to gather more firewood and I stayed back in camp with Claudette.
Us sitting around the campfire just chit-chatting. Sitting around the campfire.
Dwight getting a rapelling rope untangled. This is Dwight following one of our rappelling ropes down the cliff side to remove a tangle. 
Dwight bringing the rope back up (since I probably laid the rope incorrectly) and we re-tossed it.  Dwight bringing the rope back up the hill
Dwight at the top of the cliff face Dwight makes it to the top of the cliff.
This is me securing a rappelling rope to a sturdy tree so we can zip down it to the water's edge about 40 feet below. Me securing the rope to a sturdy tree.
Dwight (left) and I (right) on belay about 40 feet above the water. This is Dwight (left) and I (right) on belay about 40 or so feet above the water's surface.
Dwight and I heading down the cliff face.


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